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Article explains the crucifixion of jesus why did jesus die why jesus was arrested and what he was charged with and what jesus himself said about the purpose of his death and resurrection article also includes what god is offering us because of jesus death on the cross.

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Did god die if jesus was god and jesus died on the cross does that mean god died how could it be possible for god to die.

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See this page in dutch h is body really did die the roman soldiers made sure of that they were experts at killing people jesus christs physical body was 100percent human not just part human.

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muhammad arabic محمد pronounced c 570 ce 8 june 632 ce was the founder of islam according to islamic doctrine he was a prophet sent to present and confirm the monotheistic teachings preached previously by adam abraham moses jesus and other prophets.

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All are welcome whatever your present status in the catholic church whatever your current family or marital situation whatever your past or present religious affiliation whatever your personal history age background or race whatever your own selfimage or esteem you are invited welcomed accepted loved and respected at the sacred.

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jesus appears to the holy apostles at the sea of galilee from the visions of blessed anne catherine emmerich before going to the sea the holy apostles went over the way of the cross to mount calvary and thence to bethania.

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In christianity jesus is believed to be the son of god and the second person of the holy trinity christians believe that through his crucifixion and subsequent resurrection god.

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