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After 2 weeks - 5 - Cold feet 2 weeks before wedding

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Its been nearly two weeks since cyclone idai hit southeastern africa nprs ailsa chang speaks with reporter tendai marima about the devastation shes seen in zimbabwe and how survivors are coping.

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But by monday just two weeks after her jan 29 appointment to head the air combat command f16 viper demonstration team the air force said kotnik had been relieved of her command due to a.

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after a brief delay to let a downpour pass volunteers resume their search for human remains at a mobile home park in paradise california on nov 23 2018.

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Mountain lakes teen found safe two weeks after running away from home with 1000 family and friends of 15yearold mountain lakes runaway thomas kolding searched for two weeks after he left home.

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Statistics canada says sales at cannabis stores in the two weeks after legalization totalled 43 million.

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Defence lawyers argued that since the state was failing to provide a date on which the investigations would be completed their clients should be removed from remand and the matter progressed by.

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Surrey rcmp are looking for a winnipeg woman who went missing in vancouver just over two weeks ago.

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Us rep tom marino on thursday resigned from his seat in congress less than two weeks after the start of his fifth term to pursue a job in the private.

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Arifa sultana 20 from bangladesh has an emergency caesarean 26 days after her premature son was born.

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